Take Your Company from Paper or Excel Data Management to Custom Software and Live Dashboards

The Problem

Lots of businesses operate without a central database that contains all the information about their transactions, and they have been successful doing so. The ‘however’ here is that scaling is difficult without more sophisticated systems, and getting effective measurements and KPIs is really tough. Whether they work off of Excel Spreadsheets, pads of paper, or by passing information via email, these types of businesses will benefit from getting their data into a database in order to measure effectively.

What we’ve found is that the businesses have looked for software that fits their needs, but can only find software that makes them change the way they do business.  Which makes sense, software companies want to build one-size-fits-all to sell more.  But that doesn’t work for many companies (like yours?).

The Solution

We build lightweight custom apps that collect the data you need while streamlining the processes that are currently inefficient (nice two-for-one, eh?).  We are experts in understanding current process flows, then designing, building and implementing software that drives both productivity and data capture.

The Benefits

  • Streamlined and scaleable processes
  • Data at your fingertips
  • Happier employees
  • More profits
  • Dashboards you can access anytime / anywhere
  • Rapid return on your investment


‘Working with The KPI Guy was (and still is) a great experience. His technical expertise is excellent and he has the ability to adapt to our evolving needs. The inventory system he developed has been instrumental in organizing our products and streamlining our processes. We highly recommend his services if you have a need for customized business organization that you can’t find through conventional products or methods.’

Chad T., CEO, Denver Manufacturer

Next Steps

Does ‘the problem’ sound like your company?  Do ‘the benefits’ sound compelling?

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Many companies run their processes from a pad of paper or an excel spreadsheet.  The details of each day’s work never get into a database that can be queried and interrogated.  We work with your front line employees to understand their processes and how they currently manage them.  This discovery captures the ‘current state’ of your systems, and is then used to project the value of moving to a new state.  Is there great value?  Then let’s move to the ‘design’ phase.


So we’ve completed the Discover phase and found ample opportunity to justify designing a solution. Given our understanding of the current processes, we design a custom portal to capture each day’s work into a data base. Now we can suggest performance dashboards that will expose the opportunities to make your business more efficient and profitable. With the understanding of the current state, and a vision of the future state, we can project the cost benefit of moving forward.


With the key stakeholders confident of the solution, we now build and implement the new data collection portal. It has been designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into your processes, and eliminates BS work for your people, which makes them happy to adjust to the changes. The new data being captured into a database makes the creating of the dashboards and scorecards possible. The resulting insights into the business processes drive new levels of productivity.


The new data that is available generates lots of good questions. Anomalies in production are evident almost immediately, and allow for ‘striking while the iron is hot’. Adjustments to the process become more & more granular as the biggest challenges are overcome.

ROI begins immediately.

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