Turn ‘Stuck’ Data into Live Dashboards & Scorecards

The Problem

Many businesses use some sort of transaction processing software, but struggle to get really intelligent reporting and measurements out of those systems. This kind of software is really good at processing a transaction, and really bad at providing business intelligence. Businesses with ‘stuck’ data can’t do effective measurements and KPIs any better than those businesses with ‘No Data’.

The Solution

The KPI Guy can extract the critical data out of that legacy system and craft a dashboard solution that unleashes your data, and your business.  We’ll help you craft the Key Performance Indicators that capture the essence of your business, and optimize them to build a whole new level of accountability and execution.

The Benefits

You’ll see lots of positive changes in your organization, including:

  • High performers will up their game in the spotlight
  • Sustainable competitive advantage – leave your rivals in the dust
  • Increased short term profits
  • Maximized exit value – proven success and sustained EBITDA generates higher multiples
  • Your teams will thrive as they see their numbers improve

Project in Flight (soon to be a testimonial)

The KPI Guy is currently implementing an inventory control system for a Denver Distributor.  Their Quickbooks installation simply can not produce the inventory control processes they need.  So we are extracting data out of Quickbooks and spinning up a custom inventory control system to provide the required purchasing and inventory controls.

Next Steps

Do you have data that is ‘stuck’ in a software package, and can’t be used to propel your business forward?

Give us a call on 720-810-3628 & unleash that data.


We will ask you to provide us some of the data that is ‘stuck’, meaning available but not usable.  With a couple months of data, we’ll find ways to make it truly valuable.  You will have outliers in that data, and those will help us ask you lots of detailed questions, which will in turn expose value.  You will also have patterns in the data that we can find and detail out, again in search of efficiency and productivity.  As we discover these patterns, the value proposition of moving forward will be clear.


Now that we have the data connected and talking, we can design your initial dashboards and scorecards to give you a new understanding of your operation.  This information will clarify your cost/benefit of moving to the design phase.  We will design valuable KPIs that support your strategic business initiatives in ways not previously available and verify the actual value of that new information.


With a clear design and focused value proposition, we build and implement the hardened system of collecting data and producing dashboards and scorecards that provide actionable and timely data.  We work closely with the people in your organization that can take action with the new data, and verify that the new insights drive waste out and profits up.


The new data that is available generates lots of good questions. Anomalies in production are evident almost immediately, and allow for ‘striking while the iron is hot’. Adjustments to the process become more & more granular as the biggest challenges are overcome.