How We Work

We strive to get to the root cause of the problem for the simple reason that band-aid fixes just don’t create lasting value.  We’ll ask a lot of questions about symptoms & think carefully about how to take full advantage of the opportunity.  During this phase we’ll uncover any process dependencies so we can define the right order of events.  And we frequently find tangential gems of opportunity that are not directly related to the original problem, but also provide value.  As we understand more about the problem and its solution, the value proposition also begins to take shape.  We are here to make you more money, after all, so we’re always looking to the bottom line.  What we’re trying to discover is – can we meet your needs in a way that provides great value?
Once we truly understand the root cause of the problem, as well as the specific value proposition, we can get to work designing a solution that eliminates the problem at the deepest levels, fits culturally with your organization, and seamlessly integrates with your people and systems.  In the discover phase we focused on the ‘what and why’, and in this phase we detail out the ‘who-how-where-when’.  This is also where the cost benefit value proposition takes shape.  As we understand the design of the solution, we can place an accurate cost on the solution.  Combine cost with value (from discovery) and you have a clear view of the project ROI.
This is where we build and implement the solution.  Your people stay involved throughout the process and provide constant feedback to the solution.  Lots of new information seems to present itself during this phase, and we integrate these changes to every extent possible.  An agile approach and growth mindset create value additions in flow.
Are goals being met?  What is working and what needs revision?  Is the culture accepting of the new measurement systems?  Have data inaccuracies been found?